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HOUSTON—With scenes in which the two little girls can be seen pleading with outstretched arms, a new Ted Cruz campaign ad released Tuesday features the incumbent U.S. senator’s children begging for challenger Beto O’Rourke to be their new dad. “Mr. O’Rourke, could you be our new daddy—please, please, please, with a cherry on top?” Cruz’s 10-year-old daughter Caroline said in the 30-second spot, promising that she and her sister will get straight As and be on their best behavior if the current U.S. representative from El Paso would take over all fathering duties immediately and let them come live with his family. “You’d be a nice, normal daddy, not weird and creepy like the one we have now. We could even introduce you to our friends without being embarrassed. We love you, Beto!” The campaign advertisement concludes with a tearful Heidi Cruz begging on bended knee for O’Rourke to be her new husband.


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