Illustration for article titled Obama Lays Out Plan To Achieve Lasting Peace Talks In Middle East

WASHINGTON—Expressing his belief that a new future for the troubled region was within reach, President Obama unveiled his strategy Monday for attaining lasting peace talks in the Middle East. “Under this framework, I’m confident we can usher in a new era of meetings and dialogue that will last for generations to come,” Obama told reporters, adding that the comprehensive plan would rely on a broad international coalition to ensure that both Israelis and Palestinians adhered to the strict terms of attending occasional summits and sitting across tables from one another. “As long as all parties make firm commitments to the process, we believe that our efforts will lead to stable, ongoing discussions about this conflict that could continue indefinitely. Real, enduring peace talks in the region are closer than they’ve ever been.” Obama later admitted that the deal was largely contingent upon the willingness of leaders from both sides to shake hands in a heavily staged photo op on a regular basis over the next 100 years.

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