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WASHINGTON—Defending himself against recent charges of racism, Rep. Mark Meadows (R–NC) angrily reminded his colleagues Thursday that he had never once publicly complained about the Capitol’s integrated drinking fountains. “It’s completely outrageous that my fellow members of Congress would slander me with charges of bigotry when I have shared a water fountain with African-Americans for over a decade without ever even batting an eye,” said the Freedom Caucus chair, citing his long history of racial tolerance that included letting black members of Congress use the same entrance into the Capitol building and waiting patiently in line behind them in the cafeteria without demanding to be served first. “Shame on Democrats for launching these false and nakedly political attacks against me when they know full well that I have never called the police on my black colleagues for talking to a white woman, or tried to deprive them of voting in committee. If anything, the real racists are those with the temerity to accuse me of racism.” Meadows added that his sterling record of concern for the betterment of the black community was evident from his history of comments suggesting they go back to Africa.


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