CLEVELAND—In a poignant and moving address Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention, Indiana governor Mike Pence recounted the emotional story of a longtime friend of his who was aborted shortly after his second trimester. “I’d like to take a moment to share the heartbreaking story of a dear friend of mine who was tragically aborted at 21 weeks,” said Pence, pausing to compose himself while recalling how much he learned from his old companion and confidant, including an appreciation for quiet reflection and personal growth, before his close friend endured the hardship of being forcibly removed from the uterus. “I’ll never forget meeting him a few days after he implanted into the uterine wall. He was just a little guy. But he and I quickly became the best of friends, and we shared a special bond. From the start, I could tell he was destined for greatness, but unfortunately, due to factors outside his control, things ended up taking a downturn for him, and he never made it to term. Every single day I cherish the friendship we had.” Pence then admitted to the crowd that, to this day, he still gets choked up every time he passes by his friend’s old womb.

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