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WASHINGTON—Noting that it would likely complete the task quickly and without any trouble, a Brookings Institution report released Monday stated that we could probably just have a computer pick the next president of the United States. “Technology is pretty fast now and it can do all kinds of different things, so we could probably just type the candidates’ political positions and experience into a computer, press the Enter key, and then in a second or two, it should be able to tell us who should be president,” read the report in part, which confirmed that computers know how to drive cars and one of them even won Jeopardy!, so picking the best choice for president shouldn’t be that hard. “We probably wouldn’t even need to have candidates or campaigns or anything. Every four years, you could just put all Americans’ names into the computer, run the president program, let it figure out who’s the best person for the job, and then that person can get right to work, and that’d be it. Done.” The report went on to add that, come to think of it, given how quickly technology was advancing, we could probably just have a computer be the president.


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