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WASHINGTON—Jotting down a few thoughts in order to help his replacement hit the ground running, departing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly shot Mike Pompeo a quick email Tuesday to help get him up to speed on all the countries. “Hey Mike, just wanted to give you a brief rundown on the nations of the Earth before I head out,” read Tillerson’s email, which then proceeded to list, in no particular order, the 206 countries of the world, along with brief, often one-word descriptions for each. “Mexico: Spanish-speaking nation on southern border that doesn’t like walls; Australia: big island with kangaroos and no guns; China: communists, trading partner, we owe them lots of money; Nigeria: hot; Saudi Arabia: fantastic; South Korea: ???” Sources confirmed Tillerson concluded his email by saying there was no need to stress out about remembering everything on the list, as he hadn’t found it necessary to know all that much about the countries and Pompeo probably wouldn’t either.


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