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CLEVELAND—Saying there were a host of issues that still had not been loudly mocked by the audience, Republican National Convention attendee Josh Brady told reporters Wednesday he was excited to find out what he’ll get to boo tonight. “We’ve already booed political correctness and Hillary Clinton a bunch of times, so we might do that some more, or maybe we’ll get to boo some new targets,” said Brady, adding that he’d be thrilled to jeer at a mention of Benghazi or radical Islam, and was elated at the prospect of hissing at “liberal elites” even louder than he had yesterday. “I don’t think I’ve really booed Obamacare as much as I expected to this convention, so maybe we’ll catch up tonight. And who knows, I could get to boo LGBT people or immigrants—ugh, this waiting is killing me!” Brady went on to say that he was also eager to find out which pro-Trump chants he would get to participate in, but acknowledged that there really weren’t any bad options.


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