Ron Paul Withholding Presidential Endorsement Until True Libertarian Candidate Enters Race

LOUISVILLE, KY—Saying the current field lacks a contender who truly represents his principles, former congressman Ron Paul told reporters Tuesday that he would hold off on endorsing any presidential candidate until a true libertarian entered the race. “Unfortunately, right now there’s no one who entirely reflects my belief in the smallest government humanly possible,” said Paul, adding that it might be better to wait until the field of GOP contenders solidified rather than throw his support behind someone who doesn’t quite share his strict non-interventionist viewpoint or his desires to repeal federal drug laws and completely abolish the Federal Reserve. “My supporters are counting on me to back someone who’s going to stand up for the libertarian way full-time, and I just don’t see anyone who really deserves the Ron Paul seal of approval.” Paul went on to say that while he had been unsuccessful in three previous bids for president, he may not be able to sit this election out either.


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