Illustration for article titled ‘Run! Run And Never Look Back!’ Whispers Heidi Cruz While Hugging Carly Fiorina On Rally Stage

INDIANAPOLIS—Smiling as she greeted her husband’s new running mate onstage at a campaign rally Wednesday, Heidi Cruz is said to have drawn Carly Fiorina into a tight hug and whispered “Run! Run, and never look back!” into the former Hewlett-Packard CEO’s ear. “Get out while you still can,” Cruz reportedly said in a soft but sharp tone during the embrace, before curtly noting that she knew better than anyone what her husband could do to people, and that if Fiorina cared about what was good for her, she would leave immediately and get as far away from there as fast as her legs would carry her. “Go now and don’t stop until you’re someplace where he and his aides can never find you. For Christ’s sake, Carly, you have to trust me. He’ll suck every last shred of life out of you. Now, there’s an emergency exit right behind you. I can distract him for a minute and you just have to—oh God, here he comes.” At press time, Cruz had abruptly pulled herself away from the hug, turned to wave at the audience, and began thanking them all for coming out.

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