BURLINGTON, VT—Expressing their utter disgust and disappointment over the candidate’s remarks, supporters of presidential contender Bernie Sanders went on the attack Thursday, laying into the Vermont senator for his criticism of mistakes made by the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign. “These deeply misguided comments make it crystal clear that Sanders just doesn’t understand what the Sanders campaign was all about,” said Sanders loyalist and 2016 campaign volunteer Greg Birch, one of the legions of supporters who took to Twitter and Facebook to condemn Sanders as a “centrist phony” and question his motivations for challenging the methods favored by their candidate of choice, Bernie Sanders. “How dare Bernie say that Bernie didn’t do enough to reach women and African American voters? He clearly doesn’t know the first thing about what Bernie stands for. But if he wants to obsess over the past and quibble about semantics, so be it. We’ll be over here with Bernie Sanders starting a revolution.” Numerous voters describing themselves as fervent Sanders supporters told reporters there was no reason to listen to anything else Sanders might have to say, as he was “pretty much a Clinton shill at this point.”


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