Last week, a judge gave Florida resident Michael Schiavo permission to remove the feeding tube of his brain-damaged wife Terri. What do you think?

"I understand what her husband is going through. My family is currently petitioning the state for permission to remove my fat uncle's feeding spoon."

Vincent Velez • Physical Therapist


"If we allow one brain-dead Floridian to die, what's to stop us from extending that policy to include the rest of the state?"

Lance Morse • Systems Analyst

"With proper treatment, Terri Schiavo could have gone on to live a long and… long life."

Margo Strand • Hostess

"I've set up a living will so that, in the event I fall into a persistent vegetative state, I should be blown to death."

Cody McIntyre • Student


"If God wanted people to die with dignity, He wouldn't have created modern medical technology capable of artificially prolonging life."

Ted Hebert • Toxicologist

"And what about the feeding tube? Is no one considering its feelings?"

Maria Avery • Baker