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WASHINGTON—Denying that any attempt had been made to withhold information relevant to the Supreme Court confirmation process, Senate Republicans promised Wednesday there would be plenty of time to review Brett Kavanaugh’s writings once they had become the law of the land. “We’ll have an opportunity to thoroughly vet Judge Kavanaugh’s beliefs as soon as they are established precedent and a permanent part of our nation’s legal framework,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, explaining there was no need for anyone to read Kavanaugh’s thoughts on the environment or immigration since they would be readily available to the public once he sat on the Supreme Court and began issuing opinions. “The Democrats will have decades to closely analyze Judge Kavanaugh’s views on issues such as labor unions, gerrymandering, and executive power. Why should they read a million documents from his time in the George W. Bush administration when they will be able to find out most of what they need to know just by reading his majority opinion striking down Roe v. Wade?” McConnell added that Democratic criticism of Trump’s nominee represented the “same old obstructionist tactics” that in 2032 the Supreme Court will rule is legally punishable by death. 


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