Senator Hillary?

Last week, Hillary Clinton said she would give "careful thought" to running for a U.S. Senate seat in New York. What do you think about the prospect of a Senator Clinton?

"I don't know… If she wasn't woman enough for Bill, how can she satisfy an entire district?"

Sanjay Seter • Security Guard


"As a strong '90s woman, I feel Hillary should definitely run for the Senate. She could totally get back at Bill that way."

Sasha Higgins • Caterer

"Hillary can do anything she sets her mind to. Oh, wait. No, she can't—that's Oprah."

Felicia Griffin • Florist


"It'd be great. That way, she wouldn't have to stop lying for at least six more years."

Andrew Robinson • Systems Analyst

"I'm just not sure Hillary has the drive and ambition necessary for a career in politics."

Donald Vaught • Investment Banker


"I would have no moral problems voting for her. After all, I'm pretty sure she never gave oral sex to the president."

Paul Rice • Driving Instructor

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