Senator Trying To Make Long-Distance Relationship Work With Constituency Back Home

WASHINGTON—Acknowledging that the separation can sometimes be overwhelming, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) told reporters Friday that he is doing everything he can to maintain his long-distance relationship with his constituency back home. “It’s definitely a challenge being apart so often, but there’s really no other option with my current job,” Nelson told reporters, adding that he can only visit Florida voters once or twice a month, usually taking the last flight out of Washington Friday night after work, only to turn around and fly back late Sunday night. “Email helps, but sometimes my constituency can get pretty needy. And I’m not always able to respond, which makes me feel guilty. I wish things were as easy for me as they are for [Maryland Sen. Ben] Cardin. He just drives up and hangs out with his voters pretty much anytime he wants.” Nelson later admitted that because he barely saw his constituency anymore, he had fooled around with lobbying firms on several occasions.


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