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WASHINGTON—Claiming that the administration’s policy was rooted in a clear moral authority, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reportedly defended separating immigrant families Friday by citing his senate confirmation vote. “I would remind anyone concerned about the ethics of removing asylum-seekers from their children that I sailed through my confirmation hearing with a vote of 52-47,” said Sessions, quoting at length from a transcript of his testimony in which his history of racially charged remarks and actions were discussed in detail. “We’re not just talking about immigration hardliners here, either—Dean Heller, John McCain, Susan Collins, and even Joe Manchin all gave me their endorsement. These senators were certainly aware of what actions I was likely to take as Attorney General, so why would they have decided to confirm me if these policies were unjust? The relative smoothness of my hearing proves that we are on the correct and righteous course.” Sessions also cited the continued lack of impeachment proceedings against him as a sound justification for eventually rolling back the rights of legal immigrants who have lived in the country for decades. 

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