WASHINGTON—Noting that the tight-knit group rarely associated with others, shy ex-Citigroup executive Harold Burke told reporters Friday that he has been struggling to fit in with the popular clique of ex–Goldman Sachs executives at the White House. “They’ve all known each other for years, and they have all kinds of inside jokes, so it’s really hard to break in,” said Burke, adding that he has tried several times to hang out with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, National Economic Council director Gary Cohn, and several other former Goldman Sachs executives, but always felt excluded. “I see them in the hallways at the White House all the time, but I might as well be invisible. Every once in a while, I’ll eat lunch with the guy from JPMorgan Chase. Usually, though, I just end up finding a quiet stairwell by the East Wing and sitting alone.” At press time, Burke had resigned himself to making friends with the group of weird oil industry guys who always hang out by the Capitol.