‘I’m Not Done Fighting For The People Of The Lakewood Metro Area’ Says Candidate

Illustration for article titled Struggling Hickenlooper Drops Out Of Colorado Senate Race To Run For Jefferson County Commissioner

GOLDEN, CO—Explaining that he was refocusing his struggling campaign on an office where he could do the most help, former presidential candidate John Hickenlooper announced Thursday that he was dropping out of the Colorado Senate race to run for Jefferson County commissioner. “Standing here today, I vow that I’m not done fighting for the people of the Lakewood Metropolitan Area, because although I’m no longer running for Senate, this is not the end of the story,” said Hickenlooper, kicking off his campaign surrounded by a dozen supporters at the Colorado Railroad Museum shortly after announcing an end to his 2020 bid for a Senate seat due to lackluster funding and polling behind seven other candidates. “For all my supporters, from Wheat Ridge to parts of Arvada, who urged me leave the Senate race to concentrate on running for county commissioner, I want you to know I heard you loud and clear. Nothing will keep me from finally getting the stoplight fixed on Route 58, acquiring new playground equipment for Kittredge Park, or securing the speed bumps that residents across Littleton sorely need. These issues are important to me, and with the $230 we’ve saved from my now-ended Senate campaign, I’m confident that I can best serve Americans as the district three commissioner of Jefferson County.” At press time, Hickenlooper announced that he was abandoning his struggling county commissioner campaign to run for treasurer of Bow Mar.


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