Illustration for article titled Ted Cruz Asks Central Park Hansom Cab Driver How Much It Costs To Whip Horse For An Hour

NEW YORK—Saying the activity seemed like the perfect way to spend some free time while he was visiting Manhattan, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz reportedly asked a hansom cab driver in Central Park Tuesday how much it would cost to whip his horse for one hour. “Excuse me, sir, beauty of a horse you’ve got. How much are you charging to flog it for an hour or so?” said the Texas senator, who quickly clarified that he did not want to go anywhere or even sit in the carriage, but would instead prefer to beat the horse with a riding crop at his leisure for a period of 60 minutes. “Ever since I was little, I’ve dreamed about thrashing a hansom cab horse in Central Park. I can’t wait to give it a couple good whacks on the face. I’m trying to really experience all New York has to offer while I’m here.” After he was turned down by the driver, Cruz reportedly told onlookers he would instead head down to the Central Park pond to feed on the ducks.


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