Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush continues to dodge questions about whether he has ever used cocaine or other illegal drugs. What do you think?

"Bush is a good man, and I'm sure he wouldn't have done drugs unless he absolutely had to."

Wayne Caldwell • Systems Analyst


"He had access to cocaine? Man, I wish my dad was head of the CIA."

Paul Stankiewicz • Meat Cutter

"This is the sort of thing that could cause America to lose faith in the privileged sons of the rich and powerful."

Linda Atkinson • Commercial Artist


"A candidate who did drugs? I'm voting for him. He's sure to kick all the fat cats out of office and rule with groovy peace vibes."

Randy Hart • Welder

"I can't believe the media is making such a big deal out of this utter non-issue. When I was hanging with George back in the '70s, we did lots worse stuff than that, believe me."

Steve<br>Loomi • Mathematician


"I just don't understand. He had the whole world at his feet. Why would he want to party on drugs?"

Margot Penny • Insurance Agent

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