The GOP’s Legislative Agenda

With the GOP formally taking control of Congress today following victories in November’s midterm elections, House and Senate Republicans are in a strong position to push their legislative agenda. Here’s a look at their top priorities:

  • Decreasing government’s role in what is left of education
  • Overturning landmark compromises, concessions, and accommodations of Obama legacy
  • Following through with their unique interpretation of improving women’s health care
  • Spurring job growth by creating thousands of new jobs investigating Benghazi
  • Putting an end to old era of congressional gridlock, dysfunction, and wastefulness; beginning new era of congressional paralysis, failure, and squandering
  • Getting all objectionable comments out of party members’ systems right now so as not to be remembered by 2016
  • Pretty much just picking up right where they left off last term
  • Trying to identify some kind of tangible Democratic achievement on gun control to undo
  • Aiming high for a steady congressional approval rating of 16 percent
  • After all political goals achieved, governing

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