Despite being one of the closest presidential races in decades, the 2000 election drew a disappointingly low turnout. What do you think?

"Well, I, for one, knew it was going to be close, and I didn't want to, you know, influence it one way or the other."

Dina Ackles • Student


"I blame MTV for failing to rock the vote to a sufficient degree."

Dianne Hoppe • Dentist

"I was just acting in accordance with the Voter Apathy Act of 1989."

Mitchell Blake • Systems Analyst


"I'd have voted if my local races were cooler. Like in Missouri: They had a dead guy on the ballot there, man."

Fred Runnels • Waiter

"Not voting is one of the perks of being a convicted felon."

Matt Slocombe • Shipping Clerk


"What do you mean? I've done nothing but vote all year–for my favorite song, for most exciting NFL touchdown, for whether the rabbit gets his Trix. I'm fuckin' exhausted."

Larry Buckley • Office Manager

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