‘Hey! Down Here!’ Candidate Says

Illustration for article titled Tiny Ben Carson Tugs At Debate Moderator’s Pant Leg

HOUSTON—In an effort to get the attention of the event’s moderator, a tiny Ben Carson reportedly waved his little arms and tugged at CNN political anchor Wolf Blitzer’s pant leg during Thursday night’s GOP debate. “Hey, look down here! It’s me, Ben Carson,” said the 6-inch-tall presidential candidate, bending over at the waist to catch his breath after frantically jumping up and down and pulling with all of his heart on the fabric around Blitzer’s ankle. “Wolf! Wolf! Down here! Come on, ask me a question too.” At press time, sources confirmed the squeaky, muffled voice of tiny Ben Carson could be heard mumbling about defunding Planned Parenthood from inside Blitzer’s coat pocket.

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