Illustration for article titled Town Hall Audience Gives Amy Klobuchar Standing Ovation As She Lifts Chris Cuomo Up By Throat

GOFFSTOWN, NH—Erupting into frenzied applause as the Democratic presidential candidate began mercilessly choking the CNN town hall moderator with a single hand, a televised audience gave Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) a standing ovation Monday night as she lifted Chris Cuomo into the air by his throat. “Her performance was generally unexceptional until the moment she violently turned on Chris and starting crushing his windpipe in her remarkably powerful grip,” said CNN analyst Emily Breckmeyer, noting that Klobuchar had successfully tapped into the crowd’s desire to see a red-faced Chris Cuomo struggling for air as his eyes rolled back into his head and his feet jerked and flailed below him. “This is the most enthusiastic reception we’ve seen from a candidate town hall thus far in the 2020 race. After Sen. Klobuchar slammed Chris over her knee and shattered his back, nearly every single audience member started chanting, ‘Finish him! Finish him!’ in perfect unison. It’s still early, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is remembered as a defining moment of her campaign.” A poll released Tuesday morning found that the majority of American television viewers would like to see Klobuchar’s next town hall appearance hosted by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.


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