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ST. LOUIS—Standing up from his seat and addressing the Democratic presidential nominee during Sunday night’s town hall debate, audience member Lewis Sherman, 46, reportedly asked Hillary Clinton to quickly pivot away from answering his original question and then spend the remainder of her time laying out her entire platform. “Secretary Clinton, I was wondering if you could momentarily acknowledge that my question was about school choice, then turn on a dime and launch into a reiteration of some entirely unrelated parts of your platform that you’d prefer to discuss,” said Sherman, who began his remarks by thanking both candidates for taking the time to carefully consider how to loosely connect his question to any scripted talking points they wanted to cover next. “As an undecided voter, I want to hear you give a passing mention to my question and then, almost immediately, do a complete 180 into a full-throated attack on your opponent. The half a sentence you devote to answering my question will be crucial in helping me determine who to vote for in November.” At press time, Clinton had thanked Sherman for such a good question about school vouchers and was currently detailing her strong opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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