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WASHINGTON—Seeking to allay concerns about how the incoming commander-in-chief’s business ties would affect the way he governs, members of Donald Trump’s White House transition team assured the American public Friday that the president-elect has far too many conflicts of interest to favor any individual one. “The American people have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding Mr. Trump’s ethical integrity, as his conflicts of interest are simply too extensive for him to give preferential treatment to any one of them in particular,” said Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway, noting that the real estate magnate’s foreign and domestic holdings are so expansive and complex that it would be almost impossible for him to keep track of them all, let alone isolate one specifically and exploit it. “Every single citizen can rest assured that none of Mr. Trump’s vast array of investments will ever take precedence over any of the others. And even if one of his many business interests did stand to sway his position on an issue, another one of the thousands of other ventures he has a stake in would surely exert pressure to counteract it. So there’s no reason for concern at all.” Conway added that given how committed every member of the incoming administration was to upholding such rigorous principles, the American populace should not even waste their time by scrutinizing the White House’s ethics at all for the next four years.


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