Trump Accuses Voters Of Meddling In Midterms

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WASHINGTON—Warning that the group was secretly planning to affect the outcome of the November elections, President Donald Trump accused voters Monday of meddling in the upcoming midterms. “It’s clear that the disgusting and disgraceful voters are going to try to influence the midterms—the voters must be stopped!” said Trump in a series of tweets, asserting that millions of voters were potentially involved in a massive, coordinated effort to handpick election winners. “I’ve been hearing about all these voters who are already plotting to go to their polling place, show their ID, and cast their vote all on the same day, and that’s a big problem. And it’s already happening, folks—just take a look at the primaries. We’ve got voters with ulterior motives online, too, trying to influence people by spreading information about candidates on social media. We absolutely cannot as a society allow voters to meddle in our elections, and if we don’t do something, voters will try to interfere with the 2020 presidential election, too.” At press time, Trump’s advisors were reportedly attempting to calm him down by reminding him that there was virtually no evidence to suggest that American voters were interested in influencing midterm elections.


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