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HOUSTON—In an effort to whip up excitement at an event for the Texas senator’s reelection campaign, President Donald Trump announced to the rally crowd Monday that he would pay the legal fees of any attendee who beats up Ted Cruz. “I promise you this, folks—if anybody here knocks the crap out of Ted Cruz, I will pay whatever it costs,” said Trump to raucous cheering from the Toyota Center audience as he demonstrated several moves, including a body slam, a chokehold, and an uppercut punch, that a supporter could use on the one-term senator. “I mean, just look this guy. That’s a real bad dude, folks, and he’s just asking for it. We don’t want this kind of guy here at this rally, believe me. Six figures, seven figures—I don’t care how much. I’ll pay for it. If you want to take a swing at him right now, be my guest.” At press time, Cruz had announced he would match the legal fees Trump donated to anyone who punched him in the face.


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