CLEVELAND—Pulling his running mate aside backstage at the Republican National Convention just minutes before the Indiana governor was scheduled to formally accept the party’s vice presidential nomination, GOP candidate Donald Trump casually informed Mike Pence that he would probably make one or two quick appearances during the Midwestern conservative’s headlining speech tonight. “Hey, Mike, just a heads-up: I’m going to pop onstage a few minutes into your speech to give a little wave and maybe say a few words, but don’t worry about it—I’ll keep it pretty quick,” said Trump, adding that he was also considering coming out a second time about 10 or 15 minutes later to flash a thumbs-up and mention how they were going to “win big” this November. “I’ll just jump out there and amp up the crowd for a little bit and then you can get back to your speech. Actually, I wouldn’t rule out coming out a third time if things start to get slow toward the end and you need a little juice. Come to think of it, you might just want to keep things short and throw it over to me. I’d say do a quick five minutes introducing me and I’ll come right out and take it from there.” Before leaving the vice presidential nominee to make his final preparations ahead of his speech, Trump is said to have offhandedly noted to Pence that a video message from the billionaire businessman would be playing behind him for the duration of his remarks.