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WASHINGTON—Insisting that the technology was far too complex and required significant scientific knowledge to use, President Donald Trump complained Tuesday about the overly complicated controls needed to operate modern-day doors. “Doors these days are way too intricate and confusing for the average person to open or close,” said the president in a Twitter thread, insisting that door technology needed to go back to the old days when doors were simple and easy for everyone to use. “The only Americans who know how to operate these complex doors are MIT engineers and rocket scientists, and regular people can’t go inside or outside anymore. There’s a million things to twist and turn and all these buttons, you push and push on them as hard as you can, and yet still half the time doors don’t even work.” Trump added that the issue of door technology struck a personal chord for him, as many of the people who open doors for him are not very smart and often have trouble doing so.

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