Illustration for article titled Trump Holds Strategy Meeting With Campaign’s Top Militia Leaders Ahead Of Election Day

NEW YORK—Sitting down with his most heavily armed advisors to go over potential courses of action, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reportedly held a strategy meeting with his campaign’s top militia leaders Thursday afternoon in order to map out their approach before November 8. “We’re seeing tight races in Ohio and Nevada, so that’s where we need to concentrate our resources right now,” said Ron Bishop, Trump’s national militia coordinator, who ran the candidate through the various on-the-ground preparations that were being taken by the militia heads at local field offices throughout the nation, before leading the group in a brainstorming session on scenarios they might face on Election Day. “We really need to start ramping up operations in every state during these final weeks before people head to the polls. While we’ve already built dependable networks in our key strongholds in the Deep South and the West, we must prepare for the prospect of having to take action in places like Missouri and Arizona, too. We want to be as agile as possible so that we can execute a comprehensive and decisive strategy when the time comes.” At press time, Bishop was laying out a detailed plan for how Trump could take the White House.

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