Illustration for article titled Trump Honors Sacrifices Civil Rights Activists Will Have To Make Under His Presidency

NEW YORK—Paying tribute to the efforts of countless men and women who are united by their deep commitment to equality and justice for all people, President-elect Donald Trump spoke at a ceremony Monday honoring the sacrifices civil rights activists will have to make under his presidency. “Our nation owes a great deal to the brave activists and political organizers who will have to fight so hard for freedom and equal rights over the next four years,” Trump told assembled members of the press, explaining that civil rights leaders deserve particular commendation for standing up for what’s right in spite of the intense opposition, brutal crackdowns, and smear campaigns they will encounter from his administration. “So many Americans will make the selfless decision to put themselves in danger to defend basic freedoms for citizens of every color and creed. Some will be jailed for long periods, and some, tragically, will even lose their lives. Let us stop and consider the very real cruelty and inhumanity these incredible people will be enduring in the months and years ahead.” Trump then reportedly concluded his remarks with a reflection on how much the country will have changed over the course of his presidency.


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