Trump Privately Terrified His Sexual Assault Victims Will Someday Come Forward

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WASHINGTON—Expressing concerns about a potentially disastrous scandal, President Trump reportedly confided to White House officials Friday that he was terrified that his sexual assault victims would someday come forward. “I’m seeing all this news lately about women speaking out against these men who acted very inappropriately toward them and the repercussions those same men now face, and I’m honestly scared of what would happen if one day I’m accused publicly by 10 or maybe even more women whom I’ve harassed or assaulted in the past,” said a visibly shaken Trump, adding that the president of the United States was held to a higher standard of conduct and the American people would demand the nation’s leader immediately answer for these disgusting actions, leaving him with absolutely no recourse but to resign from office. “Oh my god, I can’t imagine how bad it would be. The U.S. populace would never stand for something like that. If anything, the country would unite against a serial harasser. I would be raked through the coals for it, shunned forever from public life.” Trump added that luckily no women ever accused him of such depraved behavior during his campaign because, if they had, he most certainly would never have been elected president.


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