Trump Promises U.S. Will Continue To Recognize, Preserve Palestinians' Historic Refugee Camps

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WASHINGTON—Vowing that the ancestral shantytowns would endure, President Trump promised Wednesday that the United States would continue to recognize and preserve Palestinians’ historic refugee camps. “Today I pledge to Palestine our ongoing acknowledgement and commitment to maintaining the makeshift shelters their people have been living in for generations,” said Trump, promising to fight for the overcrowded communities of displaced people to always have tattered canvas tents without basic human necessities. “Though we still hope to broker lasting peace with the Israelis, we must also affirm the Palestinians’ sovereign right to remain in the crude dwellings of their forced relocation. There must be no ambiguity. These dilapidated shacks devoid of electricity or adequate plumbing are the Palestinian homeland.” At press time, Trump formally moved the center of U.S. diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority to the Baqa’a refugee camp in Jordan.


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