Trump’s Potential VP Picks

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Here is a guide to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s potential running mates in the 2016 presidential election:

  • Chris Christie (Governor, New Jersey): Christie would be an invaluable echo in the administration.
  • Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker of the House, Georgia): Selecting Gingrich would allow the Trump campaign to match Clinton by offering its own unpleasant reminder of the 1990s.
  • John Kasich (Governor, Ohio): Kasich would lend a measure of experience and pragmatism to a campaign whose success relies on having neither of those things.
  • Ben Carson (Retired Neurosurgeon): The former presidential candidate is likely to wander onto the RNC stage regardless of whether or not he earns the vice presidential nomination.
  • Marco Rubio (Senator, Florida): Rubio could be exactly what Trump needs to appeal to defeated, self-loathing Hispanic voters who are now just a shell of the person they once were.
  • Mary Fallin (Governor, Oklahoma): Having a woman on his ticket could be the key to making Trump’s campaign even more confusing.
  • Bob Corker (Senator, Tennessee): The respected senator would pacify those concerned about Trump’s foreign policy credentials by providing a more realistic, down-to-earth plan to blow the Middle East into oblivion.
  • Brian Sandoval (Governor, Nevada): The Nevada moderate could help tone down Trump’s message from demagogic to simply inflammatory.
  • Mike Pence (Governor, Indiana): Pence could bolster the ticket as a serious, seasoned GOP leader who only thinks the things that Trump says.
  • Jeff Sessions (Senator, Alabama): Although Sessions has valuable and appealing experience from his time in the Senate, Trump admits even he was frightened by how quickly Sessions endorsed him for president.

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