NEW YORK—Telling reporters she likes to be kept on her toes, Donald Trump surrogate Kayleigh McEnany said Thursday she has been enjoying the thrill of never knowing what comment or behavior she is going to be defending minute to minute. “Every time I sit down for an interview on cable news or a radio call-in show, I really have no clue whether I’ll need to offer an impassioned defense of disparaging remarks Mr. Trump made about a specific woman’s physical attributes, a blanket statement about an entire ethnic group, or a speech calling for an unconstitutional immigration policy—it really keeps things exciting,” said McEnany, explaining that she was thankful her job gave her such a wide variety of inflammatory statements to spin as positives and didn’t simply consist of walking back the same stale scandals day after day. “The possibilities are truly endless in this position. I could be on Anderson Cooper 360° defusing Mr. Trump’s latest impulsive remarks on anything from nuclear proliferation to criminal justice, and then just an hour or two later on CNN Tonight, I might need to explain away a series of antagonistic and barely comprehensible tweets targeting a particular journalist or politician that I read right before going on-air. Every day is a new adventure.” McEnany added that despite the challenges of her role, it was comforting to know she could respond to any question by claiming that Hillary Clinton is deathly ill.