CLEVELAND—Saying their contributions had been crucial to the success of his candidacy, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump took a moment during his speech Thursday to thank all of the fear and insecurity in the audience of the Republican National Convention for making this evening possible. “First and foremost, I’d like to recognize all the fear and resentment here with us tonight because I simply could not have achieved any of this without them,” said Trump, noting how the deep sense of paranoia in the crowd had been there alongside him throughout his campaign, providing constant support since the very day he announced his candidacy. “I know rage is also somewhere out there in the arena, and I certainly want to show my deep appreciation for everything that rage has done for me over the past year. Gosh, there really are so many anxieties in here tonight that have helped this campaign get where it is today that I can’t possibly name them all, so I’ll just say that if we continue to work together, there’s no way we can be stopped this November.” Trump then added that the delusion he had relied on throughout the campaign would certainly play a prominent role in his administration.