NEW YORK—As he made his final preparations for this week’s Republican National Convention, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump told reporters Sunday he was considering leading off his headlining speech with an exceptionally offensive sexist tirade he had been saving for the perfect occasion. “Let me tell you, this vulgar, chauvinist rant that I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for months now is one of my best ever,” said Trump, adding that he could never waste such an incredibly insulting diatribe against women’s intelligence and individual agency on an ordinary stump speech. “I’ve worked hard on this; it belittles women’s efforts at equality, repeatedly objectifies them, and really puts them in their place. You know, maybe I should hold onto it—it would be perfect to throw in Hillary’s face on election night, or even at my inauguration. It’s so, so fantastic.” At press time, sources confirmed that Trump had decided to debut the derogatory tirade alongside a “really incredible” new epithet for Mexicans in his opening remarks at the first presidential debate.