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Our inbox has been flooded with emails of support for Tillis following his decision to step down.

"God bless you,Tillis. Best of luck in all your drinking."
—Jacob E., Franklin, KY


"My friends and I will pour a bottle of gin on the sidewalk in memory of you, Senator Tillis!"
—Noah W., Fairbanks, AK

—Jim B., Middlesex, CT

"I met Senator Tillis once while he was campaigning and I'll never forget it. He shook my hand, looked me in the eye, then grabbed my shoulder to steady himself, then threw up on my shoes."
—Sophia, New Orleans

"So sad. Washington is losing a true party animal today."
—Chris S., Covington, MS

"As a wdrunk you stoood up for mee and thasts whhy youure the bestt!!!!!!"
—Ryan W., Fairfield, CT


"Senator Tillis is a legend. He will always be remembered for his courage, his dancing, and that time he lit a podium on fire. You will be missed, Dave."
—Matthew, Charleston, SC

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