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CEDAR FALLS, IA—Describing her shock and embarrassment upon learning that her personal struggles were shared with an entire campaign rally audience, 37-year-old Allison Kilpatrick, an unemployed single mother that Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio mentioned in a recent stump speech, informed reporters Thursday that she told the candidate about her problems in confidence. “Jesus Christ, I thought this was going to stay between me and him, but then I turn on the evening news and hear him mentioning every little detail of my life,” said a deeply hurt and outraged Kilpatrick after the candidate cited her crippling mortgage debt during a speech on the economy, adding that she never would have told Rubio she’d been relying on food stamps if she knew he was going to turn right around and disclose it to thousands of political supporters. “Seriously, what the hell? My whole family is going to hear about this. I don’t want my 12-year-old son worrying about how I lie awake wondering if I’m going to be able to pay for his clothes, let alone his college education, just because this guy can’t keep his mouth shut. Unbelievable.” Kilpatrick added that she now knows to simply tell presidential candidates she is doing just fine and that she has no trouble providing nightly meals and necessary medications to her family members the next time one of them asks.


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