What Lessons America Can Learn From This Election Cycle

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With the 2016 presidential election now concluded after 18 months, Americans can look back for lessons on how to move forward as a nation. Here’s what the nation can learn from this election cycle:

How the old elementary school is holding up

It’s possible to start from great wealth and privilege and rise to the highest office in the land


Americans have a great capacity for forgiveness when it comes to sexual assault

Your father/son/brother/mother/daughter/uncle/aunt is a fucking moron

Never pick up the phone from an unknown number within six months of Election Day

Mankind is a fickle creature whose intentions are often contradictory and harmful to the self


Gary Johnson was the governor of New Mexico

There’s a slight chance America is not yet a post-racial society

For as little as $3, you can receive unwanted emails every day indefinitely

That while conservative fiscal reform through spending restraint and privatization could theoretically lead to economic growth, a more liberal program of tax relief for impoverished citizens, restricting corporate inversions, and enforcing exit taxes on businesses operating abroad also has reason for implementation


It’s only a matter of time until Eric Trump turns 35

You don’t want to find out who else lives in this country


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