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Q: Why did Russian hackers target the U.S. election?

A: Wanted to finally participate in a democracy.

Q: Does this change the fact that tens of millions of people willingly voted for Donald Trump?

A: No.

Q: What is Vladimir Putin’s objective?

A: To restore Russia to its past glory as a global super-nuisance.

Q: Have foreign powers ever interfered in a U.S. election before?

A: The only other known interference was in 1904, when Russian Czar Nicholas II briefly became the junior senator from Nebraska.


Q: How has President Obama responded?

A: Installed two-step verification.

Q: How will the incoming administration handle Russia?

A: With an aggressive, multi-tiered strategy of enablement, passivity, and accommodation.

Q: What is the relationship between President-elect Trump and Vladimir Putin?

A: The two have enjoyed a friendly rapport since bonding over the fact that they share the same personality disorders.


Q: When will all of this be resolved?

A: The long-term effects of nuclear fallout can last for centuries.


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