White Sufficiency Movement Asserts Whites Right Up There With Other Races

EVANSVILLE, KY—Members of the Somewhat Aryan Nation, the country's most outspoken white sufficiency group, held a rally Tuesday night to once again declare that the white race was at least as good as, if not equal to, "a bunch of other pretty decent" races. "We call upon all our white brethren to rise up and show the world that the white race is adequate!" cried Bill Pitzen, the group's vocal leader, before a raucous crowd of 300 supporters. "Blacks, Jews, Latinos, homosexuals—I don't need to tell you that our modest race can hang with even the best of them in a number of diverse areas. Evenly distributed white power!" According to Kentucky residents, Tuesday's rally is the least offensive and controversial since last month's annual meeting of the North American Man/Woman Love Association.


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