PARIS—Waiting in anticipation of the meeting between U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un, dozens of world leaders reportedly expressed hope Monday that the Singapore summit would lead to North Korea becoming a normal impoverished country they don’t have to think about. “I think I speak for all first-world leaders when I state our fervent wish that Kim Jong-un pledges to denuclearize so we don’t have to give a shit about North Korea or its people ever again,” said French president Emmanuel Macron, adding that the leaders looked forward to the day when North Korea would just be some unthreatening, easily ignorable country with lots of suffering on the level of Eritrea, Cambodia, or the Ivory Coast. “For far too long, North Korea has been able to remain in the spotlight among world nations because its nuclear program poses a potential danger, and it is long past time for it to become one of the many also-ran nations with rampant poverty and widespread human rights abuses that we don’t need to mention much, like, say, Laos or Guinea Bissau. If Trump is able to get Kim to agree to denuclearize, it will be a truly monumental step in our efforts to avoid having to ever consider what life is like in poor nations.” Macron added if the Singapore summit failed to advance peace talks with North Korea, they were optimistic that the resulting nuclear war could vastly reduce the number of impoverished countries altogether.

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